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For the very first time in Pakistan. Experience the luxury of dining out like never before. Live cooking and extraordinary taste to perfection.

Our expert Chefs will spellbind your tastebuds with the charm of their charismatic cooking.

Come join us, as we take you on a journey to Heavenly Dining. We specialize in mastering Baked Meat into a piece of art!

The Carnivore

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It was my very first time trying a Lamb Neck dish and the taste was out of this world. The meat was juicy and it just melts in your mouth. The flavour of the spices and the taste of the dish is very unique. I really enjoyed eating at Carnivore Restaurant.

My favourite was Lamb Ribs. I always try Lamb Ribs everywhere I go. But the taste of the meat I enjoyed at The Carnivore Restaurant is simply amazing. I can’t wait to go back and eat it again.

I enjoy flavourful meals. And the Beef Brisket at Carnivore Restaurant is a burst of flavours one after another bursting in your mouth. The unique combination of garlic and Baked Beef meat kept me wanting more and more. It is a super tasty platter. A must-try for all meat lovers.